Sunday, 8 May 2011

Open day at Lerab Ling

A busy Sunday today at Lerab Ling as we host an open day for visitors. Last year over 1,500 people came and were shown around the Temple, the stupa, the lake with a statue of Guru Rinpoche, and the land and gardens, and this time there will probably be as many if not more.

Our Temple here is not just a beautiful building but a sacred space, a special environment and an especially potent symbol of the Dharma, and has been blessed by visits from numerous great masters of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

We hope that when the visitors enter the Temple they will be enthralled by the large statue of Shakyamuni Buddha which is the centrepiece of the Tsuklhakahang, flanked on either side by Avalokiteshvara and Guru Rinpoche. Also on either side are the past and the future buddhas, Dipankara and Maitreya with 1002 buddhas.

So our Temple is a place of teachings, empowerments, blessings, meditation, tantric rituals, and retreats – especially the three year retreat which ended almost eighteen months ago now. It holds the hope of enlightenment for the welfare of all beings, and extends the opportunity of the truth of the dharma for all who would hear.

As Sogyal Rinpoche says:

“We have built this temple because it is, we believe, one of the greatest contributions we can make towards bringing wisdom, compassion and peace into the world.”

“In many places today, people are recognizing that spiritual development is not a luxury, but a sheer necessity for our survival. Witness the almost desperate hunger and need everywhere for spiritual vision, and for the tools to negotiate the challenges of life, find happiness and understand and transform the mind. This is why the very existence of spiritual centres like Lerab Ling has now assumed truly vital importance, because it is on the accessibility of spiritual teachings and the building of a spiritual culture that the very future of humanity depends.

“This temple is for Tibet, and it is for the world.”

Unique as it is in a world of turmoil, may all the visitors find peace, compassion and wisdom, and through their visit may they make a connection which brings them to the ultimate state of enlightenment.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Such a blessing ...

We’ve just finished a wonderful weekend of teachings with Sogyal Rinpoche on ‘Compassionate Living, Fearless Dying’ at Lerab Ling with about 600 or so people attending. On the last day the blessing was given outside as people lined up around the Temple. Here’s a photo of some of the monks and nuns receiving a blessing from Rinpoche.

Many thanks to Jan Pieters for the photo.