Saturday, 2 June 2012

Khandro-la's Commemorative Stupa

What I didn’t know when I took some photos of the stupa that was built for Khandro Tsering Chödron’s cremation ceremony, was that it was a very impermanent one which would disintegrate in the months following the ceremony and that a more permanent one, a commemorative stupa, would be built in its place . The bone relics and ashes were carefully collected from the cremation stupa and prepared in accordance with tradition. Small clay stupas called ‘dung tsa-tsa’ which will contain relics and ‘zung’ – small mantra rolls - are being made and will be enshrined in the new stupa, together with consecrated vases and other items. So at the moment we’re quite busy preparing the zung and tsa-tsas in readiness for the new stupa. Tulku Rigdin Pema Rinpoche, a master stupa builder, is here to give guidance and to do the necessary ceremonies for the preparation and enshrinement of the relics. All the photos were taken by Tenpa-la. The first photo below shows Tulku Rigdin Pema Rinpoche (left) and Lama Yönten who is assisting him. The second photo shows the vases being prepared, and the third is of Tulku Pema Rigdzin Rinpoche performing one of the ceremonies associated with the stupa.