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In Praise of Glorious Vajrasattva

Patrul Rinpoche is remembered today as a truly outstanding master, and we have his works like ‘The Words of My Perfect Teacher’ and ‘The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones’ to give practical guidance on how to follow the Buddhist path. They also remind us of his own lifestyle and challenge our materialistic preoccupations. His teachings, his blessings, and his power to inspire are still very much with us today. He was a strong exponent of the joys of solitude and monastic simplicity, and always stressed the futility of worldly striving and pursuits.

So here is a translation of Patrul Rinpoche’s verses in praise of Vajrasattva.

I pay homage to glorious Vajrasattva!

Your enlightened body is brilliant white like a snow mountain.
Your enlightened speech proclaims the excellent dharma.
Your enlightened mind, whose nature, like the sky, is vast and profound with the two aspects of omniscient knowledge.
Bhagavan―the one who is triumphant over enemies, bodhisattva―spiritual warrior, to you I pay homage!

Although obscured by negative karma accumulated over many eons
Just to think of your name for even a single instant reduces it to nothing.
Guardian Lord, there is no other one but you,
Again and again with faith I pay homage!

One hundred buddha families, five buddha families, three buddha families―behold the mandalas, but
Sixth Lord of the families, there is no other one but you.
It is you, as well, who gathered together the words of the buddha, the secret treasury,
King of all, wish-granting tree, to you with folded hands I bow!

It is in this aspect―on a disc of a completely full moon
Atop a white eight-petalled lotus, free of impurities and defects,
Abiding in neither samsara nor nirvana, in the posture of perfection of a buddha,
Wearing jewelled anklets and
Beautifully adorned like a rainbow with a myriad of many-coloured silken garments,
Adorned with many jewels, long necklaces and other ornaments, sparkling and swaying.
Holding vajra and bell to symbolize appearance and emptiness inseparable―
That granting empowerment of the five families is complete.
Great bliss and wisdom united, is the sphere of enlightened being,
With the water of abhisheka―joyful clouds of nectar―
Is conferred the amrita of the completely pure five empowerments.
To this non-dual display, I pay homage!

The very nature of rigpa, the heart essence, is the key point of the mantra.
Inherently it is Akanishta, the realm of the sacred word, and
By mindfully focusing your attention while reciting the mantra, all defilements are purified―
To the innermost essence, the one hundred syllable mantra, I pay homage!

Call out strongly to him by name and, most importantly, invoke the sacred promise of his sublime mind.
The very nature of the five families is the heart and innermost essence, so
The causes, conditions, recitation and three kinds of mantra are thoroughly complete.
To the brief six syllable mantra, I pay homage!

He is the one who can thoroughly control even those difficult to subdue, and
Is the deity who bestows, most importantly, the supreme accomplishment,
Vajrasattva, the protector, who displays the nine moods of dance,
To you, the glorious heruka, I pay homage!
To the keeper of the secret treasury, powerful lord of the ten bhumis, I pay homage!

Ferocious, indestructible vajra, you are the single-handed enemy of obstructing forces,
You are the very nature of the five families, a garuda, emanating and reabsorbing,
To you who are the medicine for ignorance, I pay homage!

Supreme deity of deities, bhagavan Vajrasattva,
Having taken you as my refuge, you, protector, who are supreme amongst those in whom we seek refuge
Again and again when I recall your enlightened body, speech and mind,
Bestow your blessings and inspiration, Vajrasattva Vajradharma!

om bendza sattva hum

by Patrul

Virtue. Virtue. Virtue.

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